research station
winter 2016

co-ordinated by Terri Meyer Boake

The Joshua Tree Research Station is a facility located in the rugged terrain of Joshua Tree National Park in southern California. It is a stark, white form divided by terracotta louvers that is completely off the grid, generating its own electricity through a photovoltaic array and collecting water through a solar powered atmospheric water generator. Two separate bedrooms allow for the residency of two scientists, and a large lab for working with computers and analyzing samples. A large courtyard in the middle acts as a large light well, with windows and large, pivoting doors that allow the interior to be filled with light and provides access to natural ventilation. In a hot, dry climate the Joshua Tree Research Station creates a light, comfortable place of meditation and a workplace that is designed efficiently to avoid feeling claustrophobic in this oasis away from civilization.

The station has a stark exterior to minimize heat gain, and provide an oasis from the extreme desert heat. A solitairy tree in the courtyard represents the safety of the enclosure.

The Building is completely off the grid during every part of the year, which reduces the amount of resources occupants have to bring out to survive in the desert.

in collaboration with Ruth Lee